The product "Retinasafe-18" helps you secure & start your car with your unique Eye Ball Pattern (Retina & Iris).
Retinal scans are a more recent biometric technology.
Retinal scans shoot a beam of light into the eyeball and record the pattern of veins in the eye.
They are one of the most accurate forms of biometrics, almost a zero percent false accept rate.
The scans themselves are one of the more complicated.
They need perfect alignment with the eye in order to reach the retina.
Retinal vein patterns actually change over the course of a lifetime so iris scanning is also being done.
The iris always stays the same. Iris scans video the eye's colored area and use it to verify ones identity, like fingerprints, no two individual iris's are alike.
Iris scanning does not require that the person interact with the devise, they can stand as far away as three feet and still have it work.
"Retinasafe-18" is installed on the dashboard or the door of the car & it allows the owner & 10 other people to register their fingerprints in its memory.
The models are available in four versions,10 Eye-ball pattern memory (Advanced)
The car owner has the permission to add or delete Eye-ball pattern memory thus allowing & disallowing people to drive the car.
The car can be driven by anyone out of the 10 people who are authorized to drive it or those whose Eye-ball patterns are registered.
The car does not start as it cuts of fuel supply if the fingerprint does not match,ie no unauthorized person can drive the car.
Advantages of Retinasafe-18
Every person's Retina & Iris in this world is unique and hence the car is secured by your own unique Eyeball pattern thus the car is 100% safe.
One does not need to carry the car key anymore.
Auto dialer function alerts you by calling you on your phone/hand phone if an attempt is made to steal the car.
The car owner can control the access to his car and can decide which person should drive the car thus avoiding unauthorized access.
Car secretary system helps you store your unique and secret voice messages/appointments in the memory, which are secured by your finger impression. Thus enabling you a secured message or information storage facility.

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